Le Vieux Belleville will meet you as soon as possible..


Due to the restaurant closings we are obviously closed until "further notice".

This year there will be no magical evening for the 31st New Years Eve.

We look forward to seeing you again. Until then Happy Holidays and take care of yourself.

Le Vieux Belleville’s 25th anniversary

On june 11, we celebrate the Vieux Belleville’s 25th anniversary. Special meal begins at half past noon. All of our musicians will attend. We’re going to sing and dance! We are waiting for you.

Le Vieux Belleville, Beaujolais Nouveau!

On thursday november 17th 2016, we will celebrate the Beaujolais Nouveau at the Vieux Belleville. Festive concert evening around a glass of wine. It is advised you make a reservation if you wish to have dinner with us. Furthermore, the “Wednesdays of the Vieux Belleville” evenings are back, with a song night on november 23rd. On november 30th, it’s French Terroir evening, in collaboration with E-Gourmets. See you soon!
on avec E-Gourmets. À bientôt.

Have a look at our singing evenings

French Terroir evenings

Le Vieux Belleville adds to its usual festive evenings with the new “Terroir Scouts” nights, combining the joy of singing along with our artists and tasting the delights of quality french terroir foods.

2016 !

Le Vieux Belleville wishes you all the best for this new year, and advises a liberal use of songs and accordion in your day to day lives.