Le Vieux Belleville in the press

Le Vieux Belleville in The Guardian

The Guardian rounds up in its pages all the events that are organised in Paris around the birthday of Edith Piaf.

Since Le Vieux Belleville is celebrating Edith all year long, every year, the newspaper had to mention us, like this:

Edith Piaf at Le Vieux Belleville in The Guardian

Actress Marie Gillain visits the Vieux Belleville

Marie Gillain and Joseph Pantaleo

The actress Marie Gillain is a regular customer of Le Vieux Belleville, but she did manage to surprise us when she visited… with a TV crew!

It was for France 2 “Thé ou Café” TV show, aired on october 25th 2014, and you can watch it here:
(Sequence begins 15 minutes in).

Le Vieux Belleville in the spotlight in “L’Auvergnat”

Le Vieux Belleville and owner Joseph Pantaleo are in the spotlight in the weekly published journal “L’Auvergnat de Paris”.

Le Vieux Belleville in "L'Auvergnat"

Le Vieux Belleville in every Japan Air Line flight

Le Vieux Belleville was featured in the march 2010 issue of the free magazine that Japan Air Lines distributes to its customers. That’s about 5 million potential readers!

Le Vieux Belleville in Skyward

Le Vieux Belleville in japanese in Skyward

Le Vieux Belleville on Paris En Chanson (France 3)

Le Vieux Belleville, featured in a french TV program.